Wednesday, 24 January 2024 03:56

Workers without tips now receive benefits after MTPS inspection

Written by Denis Muñoz
Workers without tips now receive benefits after MTPS inspection Courtesy

The Ministerio de Trabajo y Previsión Social de El Salvador has succeeded in getting restaurant and hotel chains to tip workers.

There are companies that collect tips in the payment of consumer bills but do not pass them on to their workers.


Rolando Castro, informed that, thanks to the inspections carried out in the restaurant and hotel chains, within the framework of the verification plan for the payment of tips, it is being achieved that the companies deliver such tips to their workers.


Due to the inspections that are being carried out in the restaurant and hotel chain in El Salvador, on labor compliance, including tips; the Ministry of Labor reported that there are already companies in this area that are compensating their workers, this benefit, which was being denied.

In El Salvador the payment of tips is not regulated by any law, which means that there is no obligation to pay them, with the exception of the reform to the Labor Code approved by the Legislative Assembly, which obliges employers to deliver the income from tips to their employees within a maximum term of 15 days.


Usually, the tip charge in restaurants and hotels is 10%, an amount that the client is not obliged to pay, however, if it is paid, it must be duly delivered to the workers.


Translated by: A.M