Wednesday, 24 February 2021 07:37

95% of banana exports at risk due to R4T pest

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Representatives from the private sector, academia, civil society organizations, government agencies and international organizations took a big step in the fight against a pest that threatens the continuity of banana cultivation and, by extension, the planet's food security.

Andrés Dobles, EY's Mobility Sector Leader, indicated that a study conducted by the firm has detected a significant slowdown in consumer mobility around the world, since, as people have become more concentrated in their homes instead of their work offices, trips have been less frequent, more local and increasingly within the national territory, focused on obtaining basic products for the home instead of going to work or for entertainment.

Huawei provides a series of tips to strengthen the skills of girls at an early age.

E-commerce grew 36% in LATAM in 2020, and payment methods will be fundamental in the optimization of digital sales strategies.

The "Team Europe", formed by the European Union (EU) and its Member States present in the country (Germany, Spain, France, Italy and Luxembourg), celebrated that El Salvador has been one of the countries selected to be part of the first delivery of vaccines through COVAX, a global collaborative mechanism to ensure global access to it, quickly and equitably.

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