Chief financial officers, or CFOs, oversee functions ranging from fundamental tasks such as financial reporting to corporate and financial strategy. Whether you adhere to Milton Friedman's more traditional shareholder value model or Edward Freeman's more modern approach that considers all stakeholders, ultimately, all areas they manage are critical to delivering shareholder value.

With a trajectory of 50 years in the packaging industry, Grupo Termoencogibles decided to transform itself into "Ternova", a group whose pillars are transformation, innovation and sustainability, which will allow it to impact the world, and in this way contribute to leave a better place.

With the purpose of facing the new academic demands after the COVID19 crisis, Avanza makes available to salvadorans its training center, dedicated to professional education through a pedagogical model that meets the needs of each student, allowing them to strengthen their knowledge and contribute to the development of key skills, and contribute to the development of key competencies.

El Salvador continues to promote the Surf City program as a first class tourist destination.


The application allows access to information on future acquisitions financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), in sectors such as energy, transportation and water and sanitation, while facilitating the connection between infrastructure developers, and local suppliers of goods and services.

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