IDB Invest and BAC Credomatic El Salvador join efforts to empower women-led SMEs through the Mujer Acelera program.

Recommendations from experts can guide public policy makers in preventing a financial crisis beyond the economic, and health crisis.

The effects of the pandemic on the economy will affect for several months, as researchers at the World Bank and the United Nations, among others, have warned. El Salvador is also exposed to these economic challenges, therefore, the Government will extend the measures that protect the family economy.

During the month of August, El Salvador registered an important recovery of income from family remittances, confirming the strong bond between salvadorans living abroad, and their relatives in El Salvador.

The Asociación Salvadoreña de Intermedios Bursátiles (ASIB), announced a stock placement for more than $24,116,500 in LETES DD-4, at 93.27%.

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