Wall Street retreated again on Thursday after a bad economic data in the United States, which indicates a possible recession in the country that have led to clear falls in the stock market in recent days.

Although it opened stable, the New York stock market declined about half an hour after the start of operations, when it was made public that the U.S. service sector fell last month to its lowest level since August 2016.

A total of 12 ABANSA member banks signed the "Sustainability Protocol" as a way of institutionalizing support for the country's Sustainable Development.

The agreement signed by ABANSA's member banks contemplates four strategic axes with the objective of positively impacting the conservation of the environment, and the sustainability of resources. In addition to promoting procedures, sharing experiences and proposing best practices to be carried out by the signatory entities in the implementation of the strategies of the protocolo.

Although the Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador (BCR) has not yet released the country's economic growth results for the second quarter, the construction sector says it will be positive.

For the president of the Salvadoran Chamber of Construction Industry (CASALCO), Giuseppe Angelucci, expectations are positive.

ACH of El Salvador, the company authorized by the Central Reserve Bank (BCR) and the Superintendence of the Financial System (SSF), to make money transfers from bank to bank, through electronic banking, re-launched the brand, which is now UNI.

The member banks of the Salvadoran Banking Association (ABANSA), Multivalores, and ACH El Salvador presented the new image of the "Servicio de Transferencias Interbancarias (SITE), which is renewed as UNI, with the objective of positioning a united banking in innovation, and empowering the consumer to welcome digital transactions.

Saturday, 21 September 2019 15:50

Avianca declares "successful bond swap offer"

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The bond swap process initiated on August 14 achieved a positive result with a broad acceptance by holders of 86.4%.

Following the announcement by Avianca Holdings that it was offering to exchange all of its 2020 bonds for US$550 million, the process was declared successful at midnight on September 11, with a participation of 86.4%.

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