Wednesday, 24 April 2024 03:54

Treasury Department has reported 211 cases of alleged tax evasion to the FGR

Written by Karla Gutiérrez

During a television interview, the General Director of Internal Taxes, Marvin Sorto, informed that the Ministry of Finance has reported 211 cases of alleged tax evasion before the Fiscalía General de la República (FGR), which are equivalent to US$195 million.

According to the official, there are several factors that affect companies now of declaring income, for example: only the commissions generated by the trade of goods are exposed, causing a problem to the tax registry.

“All the taxpayers' data are preloaded in our platform, such as those deductions that the law establishes. However, we know that there are additional expenses that can be included, and that the system allows them to be entered when filing the income tax return”, said the official.

In addition, the director exposed to some cases of the Treasury systems that perform the comparison of what has entered via imports, versus what is declaring in their income tax return form, there is a significant difference and, in many occasions, of millions of dollars, that should not be so, since, this type of actions are considered against the law as omitted income.

In the same interview, the Director of Internal Taxes General, Marvin Sorto, informed that the Anti-evasion Plan implemented by the Ministry of Finance in El Salvador has managed to reduce the tax evasion gap by more than US$1,600 million.

The payment of taxes is one of the main sources of revenue for the State, so it is a benefit to the country when each company and individual complies with these types of obligations.

With the payment made by individuals and legal entities contributes to an improvement in public services such as, for example, the revitalization of the historic center, the development of road infrastructure, among other projects.

For this year, the official explained that there are positive expectations to improve the tax collection figure with respect to 2023.

To date, the Treasury has a surplus of 551 million in relation to the 2023 budget, which amounts to 30.2%, in relation to last year's collection amounts.


Translated by: A.M