The Government of El Salvador and the Embassy of the United States inaugurated the San Juan Opico pig farm, as part of the project "Equipment of the pig farm for the improvement of the management of safety and quality of pork in the Department of La Libertad".

During 2019, El Salvador received US$5,650.2 million in family remittances, with a growth of 4.8 % equivalent to US$259.4 million more than last year, informed the Central Reserve Bank. According to the United States Census Bureau, most of the remittances came from the United States, country that in 2018 hosted 2,306,774 salvadorans.

Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele launched the “Plan Despegue Económico” with the aim of reactivating the country's economy through connectivity, agricultura, and education.

Walmart México and Central America, will soon open the doors of its new store located in the extension of Avenida Independencia, Bulevar Los 44, Loma Alta canton, Santa Ana, where it has made available 140 vacant posts to the inhabitants of the surrounding areas.

The Minister of Finance, Nelson Fuentes, explained that this new year is expected to bring economic prosperity, and projected that the end of the year could leave a growth of 2.5%, due to the improved business climate and the new relationship between private Enterprise, and the public sector.

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