The Asociación De Transportes Internacionales De Carga (ASTIC), informed in an interview that they are requesting the Ministry of Economy (MINEC) to take into account the proposal to regulate fuel prices, so as not to affect the sector's operations and its clients.

A survey conducted by RP Consultora, reports on the economic situation of salvadoran households, asking if salvadorans have noticed any increase in the price of the basic food basket, improvements in their homes with the increase in the minimum wage, and how their family economic situation is this year and also for 2022.

Wednesday, 27 October 2021 03:17

Fuel prices to rise sharply over the next few days

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Fuel expert, Julio Villagrán, shared through his Facebook account that fuel prices will increase sharply in the country in the coming days.

Yesterday, President Nayib Bukele inaugurated the new and modern facilities of the Torogoz Water Treatment Plant, which will now provide 100% of its capacity and will distribute drinking water to 1.5 million inhabitants of the Metropolitan Area of San Salvador with a total investment of US$78 million.

The Defensoría del Consumidor (DF), closed the virtual course “Cartas de Derechos de Consumidores y Usuarios de Servicios Públicos”, which seeks to guarantee quality and warmth in the attention to the user population.

This morning, the President of the Corporación de Exportadores de El Salvador (COEXPORT), Marvin Melgar, together with the Executive Director of this association, Silvia Cuellar, reported in a morning interview that before the purchase of freight cost US$3,000 and now it is costing up to US$20,000 for containers imported from Asia to El Salvador via maritime transport.

Minister of Economy María Luisa Hayem and Vice Minister of Economy Mario Salazar, together with Minister of Finance Alejandro Zelaya, presented this morning the third reform of Fideicomiso para la Recuperación Económica de las Empresa (FIREMPRESA), which has a remainder of US$9.6 million in subsidy programs. The funds will be reallocated to employability programs, fishermen, artisans, and vendors affected by the fire in Mercado San Miguelito.

According to the Ministry of Economy (MINEC), starting tomorrow, gasoline prices will increase from october 19 to november 1, 2021 in the three zones of the country.

Saturday, 16 October 2021 02:54

Electricity prices tend to remain unchanged

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In the new tariff schedule published in traditional media by AES El Salvador and Delsur, there are some increases and some reductions, all depending on whether it is residential, general, public or industrial service.

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