After a year of the impact of the pandemic caused by Covid-19 in El Salvador, all productive sectors are facing a recovery, which is positive because it boosts the local economy, according to the Corporación de Exportadores de El Salvador (COEXPORT).

Organización para la Cooperación y el Desarrollo Económicos (OCDE) proposes to raise the inheritance tax as it considers it a good instrument in terms of equity and tax efficiency to fight wealth inequalities, according to Agencia EFE.

As a result of the large losses caused by the pandemic, the tourism sector was one of the most affected, therefore the World Bank (WB) provides three steps for a better recovery of the sector after Covid-19.

The president of Banco de Desarrollo de El Salvador (BANDESAL), Juan Pablo Durán, informed in a television interview that tomorrow will begin the delivery of subsidies from the program and Fideicomiso para la Recuperación Económica de las Empresas Salvadoreñas (FIREMPRESA).

The minister of Economy, María Hayem, together with the minister of Finance, Alejandro Zelaya, gave a press conference where they spoke about the economic course of El Salvador.

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