ESET, a leading proactive threat detection company, reveals that only 29% of Internet users feel "very safe" when shopping online despite the fact that 61% use online commerce more frequently than before the pandemic caused by COVID-19.

Air conditioning is no longer just an appliance to mitigate the heat. Now that we spend more time at home and with summer approaching, having the air conditioner on so many hours of the day can generate concern about the energy expenditure that this may involve.

HP Inc. introduced HP Amplify Impact, an industry-first partner assessment, resourcing and training program aimed at driving meaningful change through its three pillars of Sustainable Impact: planet, with an emphasis on climate change; people, with an emphasis on human rights and social justice; and community, with an emphasis on bridging the digital divide.

The leading technology company for 16 years in Central America, Expand Latam, seeks to surprise its customers with a new and innovative platform called Salesforce.

A new start-up is revolutionizing simultaneous interpreting: virtually, with infinite language combinations and interpreters employed from any location.

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