Samsung has incorporated exclusive filters signed by social network SnapChat to its camera.

Create a quick shortcut with the side button, edit photos like a pro in your smartphone's gallery and optimize the privacy of your shared photos are part of the resources that will elevate your multitasking experience when using your Galaxy S21.

Windows 365 will deliver a complete and personalized PC experience from the cloud to any device, providing users and organizations with more power, simplicity and security for hybrid work.

WhatsApp is a mobile messaging application used by many and even the favorite of a large number of people.

LG Electronics has evolved towards cutting-edge technology, sustainability, eco-friendly production and providing an immersive experience of the highest quality.

The multinational offers young salvadorans a digital experience around technological innovation and learning about chinese culture and its modern society.

Secretaría General de la Comunidad Andina and Huawei Technologies signed an institutional cooperation agreement that will promote joint collaboration through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

Since its launch in 2014, every year the enthusiasm and participation in Soluciones para el Futuro de Samsung contest has grown, a program that has become a hotbed of projects to mitigate social problems with special emphasis on environment and community economy, reflecting the concern of young people to solve these important issues in the Central American and Caribbean region.

The new and innovative monitor can be found in HUAWEI stores and authorized distributors starting monday, june 28 at a price of US$199.00.

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