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In the wake of the pandemic, interest and investment in healthcare and deep tech startups has experienced a strong boost. These advances demonstrate how technology improves disease treatments, solves medical problems and transforms people's lives. In many cases, these changes are driven by the innovation ecosystem.

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Tuesday, 23 August 2022 03:18

Simplify your life with SmartHQ technology

GE Appliances is driving innovation in the appliance industry, expanding its smart appliance portfolio in the last year with several "breakthrough" products, including Cafe Kitchen Hub, Remotely Operated Ovens, Refrigerators remotely dispensing just the right amount of hot water, and more.

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Chinese technology giant Huawei, remains the leading global provider of cellular base stations, with a 29.0% share during 2022, according to the latest data released by market researcher TrendForce.

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In 2020 the world changed. Many industries advanced decades of developments in just one year. E-commerce was one of them, which despite its consolidation in the Internet era, during the pandemic became the ally and "savior" of much of our daily consumer logistics.

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The new Ford Bronco vehicle arrives in El Salvador to conquer all driving enthusiasts who enjoy living off-road adventures, in a model that fuses the DNA of the original model with the latest terrain handling technologies and a wide range of accessories to create a new icon.

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Have you ever wondered what 5G is? Well, it is the 5th generation of technology and connectivity for the whole society and all citizens, why is it important for salvadorans? Well, because this is what would allow the country to integrate more quickly to countries seeking development not only in the economic area, but also socially.

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Technology not only allows us to obtain efficient results at work, but it is also a tool to solve many needs of daily life quickly and efficiently.

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Claro TV takes the leap and puts the control of your favorite programs in your hands, thanks to the new IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) technology that allows you to interact with the programming instantly, through an Internet connection.

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The spanish investment opportunities, in El Salvador was the focus of the bilateral business meeting held last monday, february 28, in face-to-face and virtual format from CEOE with the salvadoran ministers of Economy, María Luisa Hayem and Finance, Alejandro Zelaya.

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Designing a clear and simple digital strategy is essential to publicize and position your business, especially when most users and customers of a good or service use the internet and social networks to find out about it, learn about it, buy it and give feedback on its features and quality.

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