Regardless of how much you use your cell phone, no one should feel stagnant or held back by their device. Samsung believes that technology can create a more open world and therefore should be open to everyone. That's why the new Galaxy A family series is here.

Monday, 04 April 2022 16:22

LG Electronics celebrates its 75th anniversary

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Global technology and consumer electronics innovator LG Electronics Inc. (LG) is celebrating its 75th anniversary. With an international workforce of more than 75,000 people and headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, LG has a presence in most parts of the world.

Encouraged by the changes imposed by the pandemic since 2020 and the mobility restrictions that came with it, the trend of doing more life at home than outside it, has led to changes in your habits of use in domestic equipment and surely the TV has had a particular role in your new dynamics of work, entertainment, study and online communication.  

With so many aspects of daily life now taking place in homes, consumers today more than ever are reconsidering how they use and optimize for greater efficiency, especially when time is limited.

Starting this tuesday, march 15, Microsoft will be conducting a series of workshops for Spanish-speaking teachers in Latin America. These sessions will offer practical training for teachers to learn basic Minecraft concepts that will allow them to understand how to incorporate this tool into the classroom, as well as how to design immersive and innovative projects where students can become engineers, designers or coders.

During MWC Barcelona 2022, Huawei's rotating president, Guo Ping, spoke about the company's plan to continue its globalization strategy and increase its strategic investment in foundational biotechnologies. Through this investment, Huawei hopes to reshape the fundamental theories, architecture and software that underpin its industry, increase its medium- and long-term competitiveness, and ensure the long-term sustainability of the ICT industry.

Movistar El Salvador launched a special promotion for its prepaid customers in the east and west of the country, who will receive gift vouchers when purchasing recharges or #ConTodo packages. In addition, all those who take advantage of this special offer will also receive other exclusive benefits that cover the connectivity needs of these areas.

For more than a decade, Samsung's "Over the Horizon" ringtone has inspired users and musicians to add their personal touch to the classic melody.

Offering the tools to shape your world, the Galaxy S22 and S22+ put the power and creativity in your hands to break the rules of what a smartphone can do.