The Defensoría del Consumidor in conjunction with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs inaugurated the first digital consumer service kiosk in Milan, Italy, to serve the more than 60 thousand salvadorans living in the city.

The way to make purchases and payments has evolved over time and Credicomer continues to innovate and support financial inclusion with new payment methods much more practical, secure and fast through new alliances.

Monday, 12 June 2023 03:11

Noches Lunáticas have arrived at Digicel!

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Digicel, the first digital operator in the country, knows that most salvadorans get the most out of their data at the end of the day, so it launches its new campaign "Noches Lunáticas", where its customers can enjoy all their data at night surfing as much as they want and wherever they want always at the best price because with Digicel we will all go CRAZY FOR DATA.

Insurance is embarking on numerous risks, but if there is one thing that comes naturally to the insurance industry, it is to align with them and turn them into an opportunity. With this vision, Petra Hielkema, president of EIOPA, has unpacked a series of challenges facing the European insurance sector for the coming years with digitalization at the forefront.

Digicel, the first digital operator in the country, culminates its summer campaign "Digilotto", a promotion aimed at positively impacting the family economy of its customers, enhancing social development and boosting the economy of our country. The economic and social situation demands that brands committed to El Salvador, such as Digicel, take on the challenge of supporting salvadorans through this type of promotions, alleviating a little the economy and welfare of these.

Tigo El Salvador announces the arrival of the new LAVA smartphones, a brand that stands out for its elegant design, high quality standards and innovative technology, now available in Tigo's prepaid portfolio.

Huawei has announced the replacement of its legacy ERP system with its MetaERP system, over which it has full control. Huawei today held the MetaERP awards ceremony to recognize the individuals and teams that have made key contributions to this project. Entitled "Heroes Struggling to Cross the Dadu River," the event was held at the company's Xi Liu Bei Po campus in Dongguan, China.

Tigo El Salvador appreciates the preference of its customers, who are at the center of all its decisions, and therefore, every year surprises them with the best content and world-class entertainment.

With the purpose of encouraging the investment of technology companies through tax exoneration, the deputies of the Economy Commission received the minister of Economy, María Luisa Hayem, to begin the study of this law.