In order to join efforts to benefit the growth of local companies, Banco Davivienda offers alternatives to provide leadership and digital transformation tools to SMEs; therefore, it will offer a MasterClass called "Creative Thinking for Leaders", next thursday, october 6, 2022.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG), progresses with strategies to achieve food security in the country, with a historic support to families and associations engaged in the production of basic grains, vegetables, fruit trees, among others.

Knowing the keys to boost your business is essential where digital transformation is latent.

The Comisión Nacional de la Micro y Pequeña Empresa (CONAMYPE) in coordination with the Unidad Normativa de Adquisiciones y Contrataciones de la Administración Pública (UNAC) developed the Supply and Demand 2022 Meeting in the eastern zone.

The Comisión Nacional de la Micro y Pequeña Empresa (CONAMYPE) with the support of the Fondo Especial de los Recursos provenientes de la Privatización de ANTEL (FANTEL) developed the closing ceremony of the diploma course “Mujer y Negocios 2022”.

The Banco de Fomento Agropecuario (BFA) reported that it has disbursed US$19.9 million in subsidized loans to 8,623 agricultural producers from may 17 to july 31, 2022.

The deputies of the Financial Commission received the President of the Banco Central de Reserva (BCR), Douglas Rodriguez, in order to obtain inputs for the creation of the new Special Law for the Establishment of Maximum Fee Commissions for Point of Sale Terminals (POS).

Would you stay selling only in your neighborhood if you had the means to do it in the whole department, or in the whole country? The answer is no. The same is true if you could leave the salvadoran border to reach more nations and make the exponential leap to grow.

The Comisión Nacional de la Micro y Pequeña Empresa (CONAMYPE) continues to articulate actions to support MSE business people and entrepreneurs throughout the country.

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