This day the Bay Islands Tourism Bureau held an event to present the entire tourist offer of Roatan in El Salvador.

1. Put an end to phantom consumption: No one sees them, but they are there. Ghosts that consume electricity on your behalf.

Monday, 07 August 2023 03:25

Essential tips to enjoy your summer vacations

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1- Don't leave for tomorrow what you can do today: Prepare your luggage many days in advance. When packing your suitcase, take into account the days you will be traveling, the weather and organize your outfits before packing them, this will prevent you from forgetting something or taking extra things.

Monday, 07 August 2023 02:41

Tips for travel insurance in 2023

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The most important advice is to take into account that the best travel insurance policies have broad medical coverage and, if possible, some discount. Practically all the insurances included in this article have discounts ranging from 5% to 10%.

This service has been enabled for users who wish to request a review and validation of the exit permit for children and adolescents in order to ensure that the document complies with the established requirements or if it is necessary to modify it according to the observations generated in the review procedure.


Saturday, 05 August 2023 04:34

Tips to enjoy a vacation

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Everyone likes to travel, to take several short getaways throughout the year and even, if possible, to live a great adventure during the vacation period. Unfortunately, the pocket is not always on our side in that regard.

According to the Ministerio de Turismo (MITUR), reports 4 of the must-see places for these vacations:

El Salvador's image abroad has changed completely for the better. It is now the safest country in Latin America offering a list of attractive tourist sites to visit.


The Central Government is making all the necessary efforts to guarantee salvadorans healthy recreational spaces and promote family activities during the august vacations.


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