Fifteen women entrepreneurs in STEM areas (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) from Latin America will present their startups to potential investors on may 24 at the event developed by BID Lab under its WeXchange platform, focused on technology entrepreneurship led by women.

President Nayib Bukele, informed through his Twitter account that this day 32 central banks and 12 financial authorities from 44 countries will meet in El Salvador to discuss financial inclusion, digital economy and Bitcoin deployment.

Representatives of the Financial Commission received representatives of the credit bureaus Equifax, INFORED and TransUnion, to learn about the changes that these financial institutions have made in their work dynamics since the entry into force of the reforms to the Credit History Law recently approved by the Legislative Assembly.

The Organismo Promotor de Inversiones y Exportaciones (PROESA) informed that a group of compatriots already have their projects underway, including 116 Salvadoreños en e Exterior (SALEX), who have joined the economic and social development of the country through investments.

Deputies of the Financial Commission presented an initiative to reform Article 20 of the Financial Inclusion Law in order to have access to useful and accessible financial products and services that meet the needs of individuals and companies, under an appropriate regulation that guarantees consumer protection.

The National Housing System reports multiple achievements in favor of female heads of household through its different programs. The Fondo Social para la Vivienda (FSV) reports that of the US$435 million approved for loans, 56% are for women.

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Financial tips for starting a small business

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Entering this world for the first time can be a road full of worries, stress and a myriad of situations; all of which can lead to bad decisions.

Through the notices presented by the Minister of Finance, Alejandro Zelaya, on Thursday of Evaders, three representatives of companies and a businesswoman were accused by the Fiscalía General de la República (FGR) for four cases of evasion related to Income Tax and Value Added Tax (VAT).

The Superintendencia del Sistema Financiero (SSF), reports through its Twitter account that banking remains solid, reflecting growth in the amount of loans granted. As of april 29, 2022, an interannual increase of US$1,324.6 million is reported, showing the economic momentum in the country.