The Mayor's Office of San Salvador together with the Municipal Council have launched an ordinance of temporary waiver of delinquent interest that applies to real estate property, these can be acquired by payment plans of up to 12 months term, only with the payment of the premium of 13% or by total payment plans of the debt.

The Government of El Salvador has launched the project "My Financial Journey", designed for young salvadorans to receive financial education through a bus that has advanced and interactive technology resources that will travel through communities in the 14 departments of the country.

Thinking about retirement from a young age is crucial for several reasons that impact both financial stability and overall long-term well-being.

While those small expenses may seem insignificant individually, they can quickly add up and significantly affect your overall budget.

Implementing strategies can help you reduce accrued interest and pay off your credit card debt faster.

Buying at the market can be cheaper than buying at the supermarket, as local markets often have lower operating costs, and this is due to lower rent, electricity, and staff costs.

Thursday, 16 May 2024 02:26

When is it good to get into debt?

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Debt is commonly viewed with skepticism, but it can be a powerful tool if handled with prudence and planning.

According to data provided at the "Investment Opportunities" forum, almost 20% of El Salvador's foreign direct investment comes from U.S. investors, in addition, the country registers US$121 million in foreign investment.

The focus of housing projects in El Salvador is centered on sales over US$100,000, leaving unattended the needs of those seeking options below that price range.

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