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These tips can help you get your marriage finances off to a good start

Written by Karla Gutiérrez

They say money doesn't buy happiness, but when it comes to your marriage, simply talking about money goes a long way. To get the conversation started, here's a list designed to help you and your partner budget happily ever after.

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Road to marriage

1 Do a financial checkup

Before you walk down the aisle, get to know what each other's financial situation is, such as how many credit cards you each have and how you spend your money.

2 Understand your partner's debt

Familiarize yourself with your partner's debt before combining your finances. If necessary, you can work together to decrease your debt. Until that happens, keep your finances separate.

3 Save for the wedding and beyond

Once you announce your engagement, open a savings account earmarked for your financial goals and future expenses. Generally speaking, many experts recommend saving at least 10 percent of your combined income each month.

4 Make a budget you both can stick to

Gather all your bills and documents and literally lay everything out on the table. Figure out how much you'll have to pay each month, how much income you'll have combined, and how much you'll have left over at the end of all the bills.

5 Decide who will handle what

When it comes to managing your finances, it's a good idea to have both of you involved. For example, one person can handle the day-to-day bills, while the other tackles long-term investments and retirement plans.

6 To combine or not to combine?

There are several ways to manage money in marriage. So, consider your options and see which method works best for both of you. 7

Update your beneficiaries

Once you get married you can name your spouse as the beneficiary (the person who receives the money and benefits if something happens to you).

8 Change your tax withholding

Married couples can decide to file taxes jointly or separately, so talk to your spouse and your tax professional about what's best in your case.

9 Have a financial date night

Talking about money should be a healthy, ongoing conversation. There's no reason to wait for something to go wrong. So, each month schedule time to assign additional money-related tasks, talk about future financial decisions and see how you've progressed against your goals.

10 Inform your bank if you change your name.

If you are thinking about changing your name when you get married, be aware that the process varies by state. Don't forget that you will also need to make the change on all of your bank and investment accounts. Call or visit your bank, or look on the website to find out what the process is.

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