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Tips to save paying taxes

Written by Denis Muñoz

There are several ways to save while paying taxes, such as taking advantage of tax deductions and credits, strategically planning investments and charitable donations, and using savings accounts and retirement plans that offer tax benefits.

Here are some tips for tax savings:

1. Take advantage of tax deductions: Be sure to claim all deductions you are entitled to, such as medical expenses, mortgage interest, charitable donations, and work-related expenses.Hacienda 'disfraza' impuestos en miscelánea fiscal, advierte especialista |  El Siglo de Torreón

2. Maximize contributions to retirement accounts: Contributing to retirement accounts as a plan can reduce your taxable income and, therefore, your tax bill.

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3. Plan investments strategically: When investing, consider the tax impact of your decisions. For example, hold investments for the long term to take advantage of lower tax rates on capital gains.

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4. Stay informed about tax law changes: Tax laws can change every year, so stay on top of updates to take advantage of new tax-saving opportunities.

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5. Consult with a tax professional: A tax advisor can provide personalized guidance based on your financial situation and help you identify specific tax-saving strategies.

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