Monday, 08 April 2024 02:40

Tips for cash flow optimization in businesses

Written by Karla Gutiérrez

The ability to generate and optimize cash flow through operations allows determining the potential growth of the company and its financial health.

1. Know exactly what the sources of income are: a cash flow statement that indicates the inflows and outflows in a certain period.

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2. Cash management generally centers around two areas: cash budgeting and internal accounting control. Internal control is necessary to support the planning function and to ensure that cash is properly used, not wasted or misused.

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3. Establishing a capital management plan for your company will allow you to determine the functions and processes to prevent overspending or negative cash flow.

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4. Among the most used principles to improve cash flow are: Increasing the volume and cost of sales, negotiating terms and conditions with suppliers, eliminating or reducing credit or discount terms, reducing operating and production costs, as well as asking for advances from customers.

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5. It is also recommended to have, at least, the equivalent of three months of operating expenses as a cash reserve. For this purpose, you can choose an investment instrument according to your company's needs.


Translated by: A.M