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Tips to define your debt capacity

Written by Denis Muñoz

Debt capacity refers to the maximum amount of debt that a person or entity can sustainably assume and pay, considering income, expenses and other financial obligations. It is evaluated by analyzing income, credit history and other financial factors.

To effectively define your debt capacity, consider these tips:

1.Evaluate your net monthly income: Calculate how much money comes into your account each month after taxes and deductions.

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2. Analyze your monthly expenses: Identify and record all your monthly expenses, including food, housing, transportation, utilities, among others.

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3. Consider your existing debts: Include the monthly payment of any debts you have, such as student loans, credit cards or mortgage loans. - Lo que debe saber si quieres pagar una deuda rápido

4. Calculate your debt capacity: Use a simple formula, such as the percentage of income you can afford to pay off debt (for example, no more than 30-40% of your net income).

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5. Consider other factors: Consider factors such as your job stability, possible changes in your future income and expenses, as well as the interest rates of the loans you are considering.

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6. Don't overextend yourself: Make sure you don't commit more than you can comfortably handle. Keep a margin for contingencies and emergencies.

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