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Tips to buy cheap airline tickets for Easter Week

Written by Karla Gutiérrez

Vacations are approaching and many are already thinking about where they will go sightseeing. Some will probably stay in the country and others are looking for the right country to enjoy this work break.

Here we share some tips from experts who indicate that, with a proper search strategy, focused on the optimal selection of dates and schedules, as well as the use of specialized tools and platforms, it is possible to find more affordable options and adjusted to different budgets to buy airline tickets.

Tips to find cheap airline tickets

Days, months and internet search play an important role when buying airline tickets - credit Freepik

People who want to buy airline tickets should keep in mind that these methods are not 100% effective, since each airline has different policies regarding the sale of tickets.

The second half of the month is key

The first week of each month is when people buy airline tickets the most, since they have enough money from their salary, so it is recommended to buy in the second half of the month.

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Days also play a key role

Not every day is an effective day to buy airline tickets, since fridays are usually the days with the highest number of sales. Faced with this situation, the days when you can get cheap tickets are tuesdays and wednesdays.

The months also play an important role, so in february, april, may, september, october and november it is more feasible to plan a low-cost trip.

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Type of device
As incredible as it may seem, the algorithm of each airline has the ability to detect the type of device that each user handles. Thus, if the person has a high-end cell phone or order, it means the purchasing power he/she can afford.

Battery level

Likewise, algorithms can identify the battery level of the devices and with this increase the price of the demand due to the urgency that the person must purchase the ticket.

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Incognito mode

Another trick that people can use is to buy through a computer in incognito mode. This can be done by changing the IP address and deleting cookies because search engines can collect previous queries, which can increase the value of the product.

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