Saturday, 05 August 2023 04:34

Tips to enjoy a vacation

Written by Evelyn Alas

Everyone likes to travel, to take several short getaways throughout the year and even, if possible, to live a great adventure during the vacation period. Unfortunately, the pocket is not always on our side in that regard.

1. Choose the best time for your trip

Although it may sound crazy and obviously in the summer months it is always more expensive to travel, you can find cheap options all year round. Know your destination, think about when it is high season or when, due to weather conditions, it will be less demanded by travelers.

2. Maybe the best option is not to fly:

If you are a regular traveler, you will know that a good part of your budget is usually spent on flights. Maybe this time, when you are looking for a cheap vacation, is the time to enjoy the beauty of nearby areas that can be reached in a few hours by car.

3. Use collaborative travel platforms:

 Does it seem crazy to sleep for free in the house of someone you don't know? There are platforms where hosts offer a couch in their home or a spare room for the mere fact of meeting people and getting cultural exchange experiences. It's a way to save hotel and try something that is not usual. It's called coachsurfing and it's waiting for you.

4. All-inclusive vacations: It may not be ideal, but opting for an all-inclusive trip will make you know from the beginning what you are going to spend. In addition, not having to look for restaurants for lunch and dinner will avoid unpleasant surprises.

5. Transport vouchers and visits: To make a cheap vacation it is necessary to be well informed of the public transport vouchers of the destination. In addition, some cities have tourist cards that for a much cheaper price offer packages to visit several museums or galleries. It is all a matter of coordinating in advance.

6. Be careful with the Internet! With roaming, many people have not disconnected their mobile data outside the area, thinking that it would not add expenses. They have found themselves with absolutely unbearable bills! Think about your destination and, if in doubt, make a call to the phone company to clarify everything.


Translated by: A.M