Monday, 18 December 2023 04:20

Tips to take better care of your Christmas bonus

Written by Miguel Crespin
Tips to take better care of your Christmas bonus Courtesy

Many people when they finally get their Christmas bonus think about buying things, buying gifts, Christmas and New Year's dinners, or buying things that are not really necessary. It is important that this extra money that comes in at the end of the year is saved for more efficient things such as health or education.

Some tips to be able to conserve the bonus are:

1) Make a budget.

By controlling the amount of money that will be used for expenses in december, it will be possible to have a better control of the money available.

2) Avoid spending for the sake of spending

It is necessary to balance the purchases to be made, reflecting if you really need what you are going to buy or if they are expendable products.

3) Saying no to panic buying

The cost of products increases as the holiday season approaches, so that this does not affect your pocket, you should plan your purchases in advance.

4) Do not use your credit card all at once

It is important to use the card as little as possible and spend wisely. No more than 20% of what is received as Christmas bonus should be spent.


Translated by: A.M