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Monday, 18 December 2023 04:20

Tips to take better care of your Christmas bonus

Many people when they finally get their Christmas bonus think about buying things, buying gifts, Christmas and New Year's dinners, or buying things that are not really necessary. It is important that this extra money that comes in at the end of the year is saved for more efficient things such as health or education.

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The head of the Ministry of Labor, Rolando Castro, together with the vice minister Sofía Rodríguez, launched the plan Defiende tu Aguinaldo, which aims to verify the delivery of the economic compensation stipulated in the law.

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The Christmas bonus is an economic benefit received by public and private workers in the month of december, which is an extra income for employees that can be used in different ways.

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The payment of the Christmas bonus in salvadoran companies is approaching and if you do not know how much you are entitled to this december, through this article we tell you how to make the calculation.

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Monday, 29 November 2021 16:56

Payment of Christmas bonus in El Salvador

According to Monica Machuca, Senior Manager of legal services of EY, in El Salvador every employer is obliged to give its workers a bonus for each year of work as Christmas bonus. To estimate the calculation of the Christmas bonus, the salary earned and the years of seniority in the company must be known.

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