Friday, 22 September 2023 22:51

Women entrepreneurs can apply for productivity credit line

Written by Leydin Sorto

The Banco de Desarrollo de la República de El Salvador (Bandesal), with the strategic support provided by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to El Salvador, facilitates financing opportunities for women entrepreneurs and MSMEs in the following sectors: services, commerce, small-scale construction, manufacturing, and agriculture.

The line of credit for women's productivity is intended to finance the execution of viable and profitable projects that favor the growth and productive development of companies led by women.

Joven, Gente, Mujer, Aislado, Escritorio

With the objective of supporting the growth and productivity of women entrepreneurs through medium and long-term financing opportunities granted by Bandesal's financial institution partners.

The amount of the credit is up to 100% granted by the intermediate institutions which could be for an amount of up to US$500,00.00. to which they can apply:

  • Female legal representatives where their shareholding is of one or more women greater than 51%.
  • A female legal entity owning 20% to 50% of the capital stock.
  • A woman holding the position of general manager or at least one third representation of women in senior management positions.

Empresaria, Contento, Seguro, Dólar

The credit conditions may be for working capital, acquisition of machinery, equipment, internment and installation expenses or other movable assets, acquisition of land or productive real estate associated with investment projects or for the acquisition of and/or development of construction of facilities and physical infrastructure.


Translated by: A.M