Thursday, 08 February 2024 01:29

AI-assisted tools that will help improve productivity at work

Written by Karla Gutiérrez

This guide is a selection of productivity-boosting AI tools that are changing the game in different areas of work and that we wish we had months ago.

From writing content to organizing your meetings. We are going to show you how these tools can make your work life much easier.

There are hundreds of AI productivity tools available to solve a multitude of tasks efficiently. But it is very difficult to select the right assortment.

Especially if you haven't tried them before.

We are aware of this because we have been there when it has been our turn to create our AI newsletter.

This forced us to ask ourselves, does this app really deserve a place in our weekly selection, and is it capable of boosting proactivity?

That's why, after several months of tests and trials, it's time to share our conclusions on which tools work best.

Ready to find out which are the best productivity tools with artificial intelligence?

Grab pencil and paper or save this page to your bookmarks.

Because it's time to be more efficient and save time.

1. Jasper


Jasper is an AI-assisted writing tool that helps users create high-quality written content. It uses advanced natural language processing technologies to provide real-time suggestions and edits, helping users improve their writing as they work. One of its big advantages over similar ones is that it connects to the Internet, allowing it to create factual content.

2. DinoBrain


DinoBrain, of Spanish origin, is a tool specialized in optimizing content for SEO. It facilitates the creation of optimized content, helping users to generate multiple original and SEO-optimized articles with a single click. In addition, it helps identify the right keywords to ensure greater visibility in search engines.

3. CopyAI


CopyAI is a platform that provides AI-powered copywriting tools, helping users generate high-quality marketing copy. It offers several tools, including marketing email generators and paragraph rewrites, that allow users to create multiple versions of content in minutes.


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Writesonic is a versatile platform that offers a variety of AI-powered content creation tools. In addition to copywriting, it provides tools for article rewriting, and has products for engagement and chatbot creation. Its focus is on helping professionals scale content production while maintaining quality.

Artificial intelligence chatbots: ChatGPT, Bing chat, Bard and Claude AI

Chatbots are the star of this AI wave we are experiencing, and they are for many reasons. They are the most versatile and easy to use tools. They would be the logical starting point if you want to increase your productivity and we haven't used artificial intelligence in our processes yet.

5. ChatGPT


It probably needs no introduction, as it is the best known chatbot and one of the triggers of the current artificial intelligence explosion. Created by OpenAI, its use is very simple and its capabilities are wide and varied. It has several models available and, depending on the model, there is a free or paid option. The paid option includes many more options apart from the chatbot, such as third-party plug-ins or access to Advance Data Analyst.

6. Bing Chat

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ChatGPT's little brother, since it is based on the same models, but it does not have the same acceptance. One of its main advantages is the Internet connection, thanks to which it can have updated information and use it for the tasks we need.


Translated by: A.M