Saturday, 08 July 2023 03:04

Tips to improve your economy at the time of shopping

Written by Evelyn Alas

Facing a purchase, trying to meet the goal of spending only the essentials, is not as easy as it may seem, although it can be achieved if you apply the following tips:

1-Make a list of the products you need and stick to it. In the case of doubt about whether or not to purchase a product, let the idea rest for 24-48 hours. If after this period you still want it... to the cart!

2- Do not opt only for brand-name products (and less of one in particular) and take advantage of those listed as 'private label'. Their quality is usually good and their price is cheaper.

3- Taking advantage of an offer is not always synonymous with savings. It may happen that, when making the purchase and without needing it, a product has a considerable discount (of 50%, for example) or a promotion (the classic 3x2 or 2x1), which makes it irresistible.

How should one act in this type of situation? The 'tip', or recommendation, to improve any economy is to leave it on the store shelf and continue buying what you really need.

4- Comparing the prices of different establishments on the Internet allows you to know which is the cheapest, which in turn helps to substantially reduce the final amount of the purchase ticket.

5- Going to stores and second-hand markets, where many products that are in perfect condition are given a second chance at a lower cost than a new one. Can you ask for more?


Translated by: A.M