Monday, 09 October 2023 03:30

Atlantida Art Challenge in its third edition will host the best talents of fusion: Photography and digital illustration

Written by Leydin Sorto

Since its inception in El Salvador, Banco Atlantida has directed part of its efforts to support national artists who are dedicated to various areas of art, recognizing the influence of artistic expressions in the culture of a country. Therefore, promoting them in a positive way is a way to continue promoting economic and social development.

Banco Atlantida will dedicate its annual calendar 2024 to imagination and creativity with the objective of creating spaces where the talent that El Salvador has is demonstrated, selecting 13 unpublished pieces, that is to say, 13 winning talents.


This year, the theme to be evaluated will be based on the concept: A photo, a digital canvas, which will allow participating Salvadoran artists to raise their imagination from a visual base taken by themselves, in which they can combine the synergy of existing elements and those that highlight or enhance the value of what they want to promote.

Since ancient times, the fabric, both cotton and linen, have been an important support for magnificent works that today are the basis of the art we know and that gives us the power to continue creating new artistic expressions.

Linen and cotton canvases are transformed today into digital canvases that will allow to make visible what for others is invisible and from the gaze of those who admire the work, opens a door of feelings to express, even without the need for words. A photo, a digital canvas, becomes that window open to the imagination where stories enriched with the dynamism of our salvadoran culture will be created.


Carlos Turcios, President of Banco Atlántida El Salvador, said: "At Banco Atlántida, we firmly believe that imagination and the infinite ways of expressing ourselves lead us to create scenarios not contemplated in everyday life, which have all the potential to become true works of art that broaden our horizons and reveal all the Salvadoran skill and talent that we are promoting. Atlantida Art Challenge will continue to be an open house where new initiatives that transform art will have a place, and a platform that promotes our emerging artists. We are proud of what we have achieved in previous editions, opening opportunities and recognizing talent among the youth of our nation. In this edition in particular we have an expert and professional jury, whose dedication and effort has led each of them to undertake in their own field on the art of their work, which shows us that it is possible to transcend and make art a way of life in El Salvador".


This edition will have the support of a qualifying jury that combines the experience of professionals and experts in the salvadoran illustration and photography, who enjoy recognition in their respective fields due to their career and achievements, who will also be supporting this initiative by providing a closed-door mentoring for the 13 winners where the goal is to provide comprehensive support by providing technical and practical knowledge, but above all with a focus on marketing art from their own experiences and learning.

Featuring: Andrea Tobar, known as Tobiberta, salvadoran freelance illustrator. She created her personal brand nine years ago and since then has been dedicated to creating and marketing illustrated products working for national and international brands.

Karen Guerrero, Degree in graphic design, dedicated these last 10 years to develop professionally as a fashion and commercial photographer, founder and director since 2015 of Kstudio, working with brands nationally and internationally, exposing her projects in international digital magazines in US, Italy, Amsterdam, Canada, NY, Paris, Los Angeles.


Diego Argueta, Graphic designer, salvadoran illustrator of 32 years. Entrepreneur by nature, designer by vocation and illustrator by love. Specialized in branding and social design leading projects at regional level. Founder of Guanaco To English in 2019 with the aim of promoting the image of El Salvador.

Each participant must submit only one artistic piece that combines 50% photography and 50% illustration, such work must be original and unpublished and may base its inspiration on architecture, monuments, food, animals, tradition or landscapes of Salvadoran culture. Creating a piece that tells a story. Amateur illustrators and photographers or vice versa may participate.

Each artistic piece will be evaluated by the qualifying jury, which will consider the following criteria:

  • Narrative, composition and cleanliness: the idea expressed by the work will be valued in accordance with the objectives of the contest, as well as the photographic quality and illustration technique. Of both branches, 50% will be required to complete the piece.
  • Chromatic harmony: the work must have an excellent color distribution. Opaque colors or colors that reflect sadness, darkness and shadow should be avoided.
  • Originality: it must not infringe the copyrights of other artists.
  • Compliance with the rules: it must meet all the established criteria, including the submission format and deadlines.

In this third edition of the Atlántida Art Challenge contest, 13 winning pieces will be selected that must meet all the established requirements. Twelve winners will be awarded with a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium and the piece that is chosen as the most outstanding will occupy the cover of the 2024 calendar that Banco Atlántida will produce for all its clients and will receive a DJI Mini 3 drone and the highest award for their efforts. The winners will be revealed in the first week of december.

Participants who wish to know the contest rules can visit Banco Atlantida's social networks or the website

The call for entries will be open from october 4 to 12. The first 35 registered participants will have the right to attend a special Workshop, where methodologies and recommendations will be given by Male Cuellar, a professional expert who masters the techniques of photography and illustration as well as muralism; and of these first 35 registered, the first 15 participants will win a gift card redeemable at Domestika for $25 each, being selected for being an online platform with many options that help strengthen the skills and knowledge of the artists.  The Workshop will be held on october 12 at Banco Atlantida, Centro Financiero starting at 5:00 pm.

The conditions to win the gift card are the following:

  • Be one of the first 15 registered participants
  • Register at the participation link sv/artchallenge
  • Banco Atlantida will verify the time and date of registration to select the first 15 positions
  • The gift card will be delivered in person at the Workshop

It is important to note that the deadline for the reception of the artistic pieces will be from october 16 to 27.



Translated by: A.M