Monday, 19 June 2023 04:32

Tigo invites educators to participate in the third edition of the regional Maestr@s Conectad@s Congress

Written by Evelyn Alas

The meeting that seeks to enhance the digital skills of educators will be held virtually on june 29, with the participation of 5 international speakers. Millicom (Tigo) is holding the Third Congress of Maestr@s Conectad@s, an initiative focused on enhancing the learning and digital teaching skills of educators.

Some of the topics on the agenda of the educational meeting include: innovation and creativity in the classroom; resources to move between face-to-face, virtual and hybrid in education; how to understand and manage the fleeting attention of students in the classroom.


The congress will be attended by the following experts: Ramón Barrera and Fernando Botella from Spain; Tecayehuatzin Mancilla from Mexico; Lucrecia Prat and Jorge Dubatti from Argentina.

"Since 2020, through this program, we have trained more than 400 thousand teachers in Latin America, providing them with practical tools and skills training to adapt to the demands of virtual teaching", said Karim Lesina, Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Institutional Relations at Millicom. "The third edition of the Maestr@s Conectad@s Congress reaffirms our commitment to communities and the importance of continuing to strengthen digital education, because transformation starts in the classroom".


Maestr@s Conectd@s is developed in the 9 countries of the region where Millicom is present, and represents a transformative program focused on digital learning for both teachers and students. The Maestr@s Conectd@s Congress promotes the exchange of knowledge and experiences that will help educators in the challenges and opportunities posed by digital learning.

In this edition of the congress, Millicom continues its collaboration with AHYU, an organization focused on the development of educational content. The program also consists of a free digital platform containing 20 courses, which was launched in June 2022. The courses include: digital tools, PowerPoint, Canva, Zoom, educational innovation, storytelling, gamification, use of social networks, digital tools for the classroom and neuroeducation.

To participate in the conference, those interested can register through the following link and it will be held at 5:30 p.m. Participants will be awarded a certificate of participation.


Translated by: A.M