Wednesday, 19 October 2022 16:19

Announcing the third edition of the Cybersecurity Conference SISAP 2022

Written by Evelyn Alas

The emergence of e-commerce platforms, the deployment of cloud solutions and the proliferation of smart devices are some of the factors that have led to the growth of cyber threats and the increase in cyber attacks.

For the third consecutive year, Sistemas Aplicativos (SISAP) will offer for free, the Cybersecurity Conference SISAP 2022, with the theme: "Time to Grow Fast and Secure", which will consist of 9 sessions, in which cybersecurity and information technology professionals will have the opportunity to be updated on the latest trends in technology and cybersecurity.

The learning modules will be facilitated by SISAP Cybersecurity professionals and recognized international speakers on each topic. They will be offered virtually, twice a week from october 25 to november 25; those who participate will have the opportunity to obtain a certificate of participation which is also effective for CPS hours since the seminar is 100% academic.

The objective of this conference is purely academic, shared Mauricio Nanne, CEO of SISAP; who said: "this is a highly anticipated event for cybersecurity professionals, a space where year after year more than 1,300 professionals from different parts of the world gather to update themselves on the latest trends".

According to SISAP's CERT, the Latin American region has been the victim of a series of cyber-attacks in recent months with an upward trend, these attacks come with digital penetration, a phenomenon that is increasingly adopted by more companies and organizations regardless of the line of business, making it imperative that we are all updated on technological advances and cybersecurity.

According to Jorge Utrera, manager of the incident response area of SISAP's CERT, the threat with the greatest impact in Latin America is Ransomware with 41%, followed by BEC attacks with 17%.

Those wishing to participate in this seminar should register by completing the following form: