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How to heal your finances? 4 tips to help you

Written by Evelyn Alas

No matter how much you earn, your expenses are the ones that will define how your finances are, keep in mind that healthy finances will always give you more peace of mind and economic stability to your life.

1. The first financial advice will always be to start with the budget: They always tell you that you should know how your budget is, but sometimes this gets out of hand with unexpected expenses.

For no reason should you ever spend more than you have, unless it's a real emergency. But even then, your savings are there to tide you over.

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2. Avoid the credit cards: Credit cards are expensive financial instruments, if you don't manage them properly, the interest can make debts grow out of control.

3. Limit debts: You only start getting into debt when you spend more than you earn and it becomes a vicious circle, because to pay the expenses you can't cover, you have to get into debt every time.

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So the next recommendation is that your standard of living should be in line with your income. If you are overspending, it is better to look for an alternative source of income, in addition to the one you already have, to help you get by.

4. Make your money grow, the last financial tip: If you already have some money saved, whether it is a little or a lot, make it grow. Keeping it in a savings account will only make it lose value in the long run.

Banks offer investment accounts for your money to generate more money, the little or much you get, will help you continue to increase your savings for the future.


Translated by: A.M