Tuesday, 26 December 2023 04:00

How to avoid january's slope

Written by Miguel Crespin
How to avoid january's slope Courtesy

January's slope is an economic phenomenon that affects people after a bad management of finances during the year that ends, adding to the increase in prices of goods and services caused by inflation.

In order to avoid the economic problem of January, it is important to prepare adequately to face the expenses that must be made on those dates, so you can follow the following tips:

1: Try to save since january is a complicated month, but as far as possible it is necessary to save a little of the monthly income of the year that ends or a part of the aguinaldo, so that it will be of much help.

2: It is necessary to make a list of the outflows and inflows of money, with which a budget will be made on daily expenses, identifying if there are debts to be paid, in addition to the normal payments of the month.

3: Once the expenses have been well analyzed, a more in-depth review of which ones can be eliminated and which ones can be changed for cheaper products can be made.

4: Finally, as far as possible, increase your monthly income. You can sell what you no longer use or you can even look for a project that will help you to pay off the large amount of expenses at the end of the year.



Translated by: A.M