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Beans, corn, sugar and milk are the products with the highest price increases: UCA

Written by Evelyn Alas

According to the survey conducted by the Instituto Universitario de Opinión Pública (IUDOP) of the Universidad Centroamericana José Simeón Cañas (UCA), 93 out of 100 people said that the prices of basic food basket products such as beans, corn, sugar and milk, will increase throughout the year 2022.

The director of  IUDOP, Laura Andrade, explained in a morning interview that the price of the basic food basket until the end of last year increased US$30.

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Likewise, salvadorans commented that they invest their income mainly in the purchase of food. Also, 49 out of every 100 people stated in this study that during the past year they had had to stop buying some food because of the increase in prices.

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For example, the survey indicates that families with monthly incomes of less than US$200 and those belonging to marginal strata are the ones who had to stop buying food in greater proportion due to higher prices, and also the ones who had to borrow money from other people to meet the monthly financial commitments of their households.

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At the end of the year 2022, 39 out of every 100 salvadorans indicated that unemployment in the country had increased, a part that affects their pocket and that of their family.

The survey included a representative sample of the total salvadoran population aged 18 and older residing in the country. The final sample was 1,273 interviews and had a margin of error of plus or minus 2.7% and a 95% confidence level.


Translated by: A.M