Saturday, 27 January 2024 02:21

Cloned websites: The new scam affecting the economy

Written by Denis Muñoz
Cloned websites: The new scam affecting the economy Courtesy

It is becoming more and more complicated to keep your money safe. In recent months, fake stores that imitate prestigious brands have grown considerably.

These pages proliferate in times of high commercial demand and, above all, discounts, although it is a constant throughout the year. All of them have something in common and that is that they usually promote products at very low prices to attract victims.


Fraudsters copy the design and interface of legitimate stores. They use names very similar to those of the original brand, introducing or eliminating a barely noticeable character, or registering the site under domains with the ending "shop".

As the differences between an authentic site and a cloned one are almost undetectable, the scam is easy to carry out, customers buy products that in the end do not reach their hands.


Those affected must file a complaint and notify the bank, but recovering the money is not easy because the entities consider that they are formally authorized charges.

What is recommended in these cases is: verify that the name of the store is well written in the URL and look out for poor quality images, badly translated texts or misspellings, the VAT number and the fiscal address.


Translated by: A.M