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Do you know about biodegradable and chemical free products?

Written by Karla Gutiérrez
Do you know about biodegradable and chemical free products? Alonso Zuniga / Executive Producer/ Photographer

Nowadays more and more companies are interested in getting involved in the environmental care issue by carrying out different campaigns and actions that are causing a positive impact in the world, demonstrating their ecological side to raise awareness among the population.

This is the case of John McCormack, founding member of "Klean Haus", a cleaning products company that bets on the awareness of people to use environmentally friendly products, thus changing the lifestyle with 100% sustainable products.


What makes these products so innovative is that they are biodegradable, which means that when they are discarded, they change their original properties and at a chemical level the molecules that make up the product are converted into simpler and more stable forms, which do not contaminate the environment, making it a product free of hazardous chemicals, and they are also hypolergenic.


This brand with german technology offers different cleaning tablets that can be used to wash clothes, bathrooms, glass, washing machines and dishwashers; it also offers ecological options of toilet paper, paper towels and utensils such as brushes and sponges.


 "As the leader of this project, it is important that El Salvador is proud to be environmentally conscious", said McCormarck.

The circular economy is very important to the brand, which involves reusing, repairing, renewing, and recycling existing materials and products as many times as possible to create added value. In this way, the life cycle of products is extended.


He presented this great idea at the Congreso Regional de Sostenibilidad Ambiental CRESA, where he has exhibited his products in front of large entrepreneurs, who have shown their approval for this project.

"This event is multisectoral, we have people from industry and government who have shown us confidence that we are doing things right and we have the embassies with whom we are connecting", said McCormarck.


This great green initiative in the next 3 months will have its physical store, in San Salvador, in the San Benito neighborhood, for the moment its products can only be obtained online.

And as the main objective is to protect the environment, shipments are made through an ecological transport service.

Also, tonight will be the launch of its website where you can also make online purchases by paying in cash or with credit card.

"The green factor is for us as important as the economic, and that is why it is important that other companies consider the same, because unfortunately environmental pollution is a silent killer", he said.

This story begins in 2021, Alexander Anders and Daniel Kaune founded Kleantab in Costa Rica as an impact startup, standing out by winning the program "Ideas for a Green Recovery in Central America and the Caribbean" with funding from the German Cooperation. During that same year, Kleantab entered the Costa Rican market, offering innovative and attractive products with the main objective of being leaders in sustainability.

But it was in 2023, when John McCormack, founding member of Grupo Aberdeen and part of the evaluation committee of the program, introduced the Kleantab brand in the salvadoran market through the company Klean hause. This initiative seeks to expand the green and sustainable solutions through tablets that Kleantab already offers, with the vision of adding to the existing product line to transform consumption patterns in salvadoran households.




Translated by: A.M