Saturday, 22 July 2023 04:42

Crecer awards Excelencia Previsional award to companies committed to the future of their employees

Written by Evelyn Alas

Crecer, a leader in pension advisory and savings solutions, developed the 19th edition of its “Excelencia Previsional” award, where it recognized 34 companies and institutions for their compliance and commitment to their employees in terms of pension culture during 2022.



After an evaluation process of more than 1,200 companies during 2022, 34 companies and institutions were selected that excelled in the fulfillment of their pension responsibilities, focusing on aspects such as the correct management of pension payrolls, the timely payment of contributions, the constant updating of their employees' data and the promotion of pension culture, among other aspects.


"We are very pleased to be sharing a new edition of the Galardón a la Excelencia Previsional. This is a recognition that celebrates the extraordinary effort that your companies and teams make to fulfill their social security duties and go beyond, promoting the savings culture among your employees... For the nineteenth year, we are today highlighting the efforts of you, the areas that manage the talent of the companies for this enormous task of getting the contributions of our members", said Ruth de Solórzano, Executive President of CRECER.

The “Excelencia Previsional” award recognizes outstanding companies in 12 categories, which are: Large Company Service, Large Company Commerce, Government, Large Company Industry, Financial and Insurance Banks, Specialized Services, Tourism and Food, Medium Company Services, Medium Company Commerce, Medium Company Industry, Training Centers and SMEs.

"As Crecer, we have sought to encourage human resources teams to fulfill their duty to make payroll payments quickly and securely to users. For us, the employer is an ally par excellence to ensure that the contributions reach the affiliates' accounts. Since 2005 we have been providing the companies with tools such as an executive to show them all the measures that we evaluate at the time of awarding this prize. Companies can register for this through a platform that we have so that those who want to can participate", said Ingrid Rodas, manager of Clients and Crecer Brands.


The event was held as part of the "Employers' Club" initiative, through which CRECER maintains a close relationship with companies, providing advice, service and training to the Human Resources teams of member companies. During this year, CRECER has trained 11 thousand people in 13 workshops on the use of the new Sistema de Planilla Única (SPU).

In this and other ways, Crecer seeks to accompany and support companies to achieve higher levels of quality in the fulfillment of their employer responsibilities, while offering them a platform of services to meet their requirements.

Companies awarded during 2022 by category (ordered from first to third place):




Translated by: A.M