Monday, 24 July 2023 02:24

Huawei announces 2023 edition of " Semillas para el Futuro " at regional level for students in Central America and the Caribbean

Written by Evelyn Alas

Huawei Technologies Central America and the Caribbean, a leading provider of information and communications technologies (ICT), announces the registration for the 2023 edition, at regional level, of its flagship corporate social responsibility program, Semillas para el Futuro, which provides an annual opportunity for university students throughout Central America and the Caribbean, to be trained in topics related to the world of ICT.

The multinational announced its new E-LEARNING platform Seeds Academy, a platform where students can check their learning records in real time, access resources and updates to course information. Such platform can have Internet connection speed upgrades by deploying servers overseas.


"Young students from any academic background who sign up will have the opportunity to be trained for 8 days exclusively through virtual and face-to-face seminars in their country of origin. Through the TECH4GOOD project, they will also have on-site support for participants from the region and the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice and learn more about the tools provided by technology to address social or environmental issues", said Blanca Vega, Huawei's communications representative.

Vega also commented that registration for the 2023 edition will be open from july 2023. She also announced that students from Panama, Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago will have the opportunity to participate in the development of the hybrid program in Costa Rica.


These selected students will share training with young people from other countries in the Central American and Caribbean region, which will allow them to immerse themselves in an interactive and dynamic classroom, where group discussions, debates and round tables can be organized, guaranteeing a cultural exchange.

In addition, there will be official certifications and awards for the best leaders in the program. Up to 3 best team leaders will be selected after tutor evaluation and Best Team Leader certificate will be awarded.

How to participate?

Registration is open to university students or recent graduates of any academic background from public and private universities in the following countries: Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic, up to 30 years of age, who are fluent in English, have an excellent academic record, an interest in chinese culture, and are willing to participate in a global project and competition.

Those interested can register until August 31 through their university or by registering through the link

Once registered, a selection process will be carried out in which 20 students from the countries mentioned above will participate in the training to be held from october 17 to 24 of this year in the country where they submitted their application.

Enrollment Requirements

A resume with a transcript or corresponding documents proving the candidate's academic records.

A personal video of up to 3 minutes reflecting your interest in supporting the digital development of your country through the realization of projects using ICT as main tools, your interest in learning about different chinese cultures and enthusiasm for learning about new technologies and trends in the ICT market.

The future of telecommunications lies in developing local talent Semillas para el Futuro has been carried out consecutively for 13 years since its first launch in 2008 in Thailand, and more than 12,000 students from over 500 universities in 137 countries and regions around the world have participated in the program. Locally, the program has been implemented since 2015 in the Central America and Caribbean region, reaching more than 103 students from more than 30 educational institutions regionally.

"Our main commitment is to the development of education in the region of Central America and the Caribbean, through training for young people, with our flagship corporate social responsibility program, Semillas para el Futuro, with which we want to enhance interest and training in areas such as technology, critical thinking and leadership. Through this program, we seek to close the digital divide, promote equal access to connectivity throughout the region and train future professionals, as well as reduce the gender gap, as we remain committed to increasing female participation in this program and promote education based on equal opportunities", shares Carolina Herrera, Public Relations manager of Huawei Central America and the Caribbean.


Translated by: A.M