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Vacation? Yes, live the best tourist experience on the beaches, islands and mangroves of Tela

Written by Evelyn Alas
Vacation? Yes, live the best tourist experience on the beaches, islands and mangroves of Tela Operations Manager / Producer & Photographer

The press team continues its tour of the spectacular tourist sites in Honduras, exactly in the municipality of Tela, department of Atlantida.

On this tour we appreciated the beaches of Tela, an impressive place with very friendly people, a cool atmosphere, a beautiful view from the Sherwood Hotel. On the shores of the sea are the sales of handicrafts, people who are dedicated to the elaboration of braids


After a comfortable stay at the hotel, people can take a tour and visit Miami Beach in Honduras, which was founded in 1973, with green mangroves, lots of wildlife and hundreds of birds.


Its name is due to the fact that it has a resemblance to the beaches of the City of Miami, United States. Those who predominate in this area are the Garifuna community on the shores of Los Micos Lagoon in Tela, in the Jeanette Kawas Park area.


Within this area, 45 families live in red mangrove houses, this culture preserves its traditions intact and its natural reserve.


Here are the best fishermen in Honduras, the best restaurants to eat delicious rice and beans with fresh fried fish. Another famous dish is the fish soup, rich coconut bread, snails, and garlic shrimp.


But this adventure continues with the boat tours to visit Tela, you can find different tour operators and boatmen that go to the Parque Nacional Jeannette Kawas on the Punta Sal peninsula.


"We invite our salvadoran brothers to enjoy our Honduran tourism, we have an impressive flora and fauna, visitors can opt for various tours within the municipality of Tela. Come and take advantage of all the tourist, recreational and rest offers for everyone. The prices are accessible to all, we are waiting for you", said Larissa Cali, Honduran Tourism manager.


The price is 650 lempiras, which includes guide service, transportation, a snorkel mask, and a cooler so you can bring your drink.


The rocky cliffs are also added along the way, which consists of passing between them. These cliffs are small keys, where different types of birds feed on fish and roam the entire area at different times of the year.


As if that were not enough, they will have the opportunity to go through the tunnel of love. A rocky hole, which passes from one end to the other, being a unique experience for all those lovers of the extreme.


Puerto Caribe, finally, you arrive at Cocalito to enjoy the beach and have lunch, after enjoying it you return to the starting point.


Visiting Cocalito is one of the most refreshing experiences you can do in Tela, its mix of crystalline and turquoise waters will give your eyes a break and a break from routine.


In Cocalito beach there are two things that cannot be missing, the false jellyfish, and the howler and white-faced monkeys.


Upon returning from this boat ride through various places, people can make a station to enjoy food or drinks at the Hotel y Restaurante Tiburón Azul. Place that has hammocks, comfortable tables in the environment and the view of the beach of Tela.


Last is the Tela Marine Research Center aquarium, the coral aquarium in Honduras, located on the beautiful island, off the coast of Atlántida. Its main objective is to ensure the conservation of reefs in Honduras. Together with Belize and Mexico, they make up the Mesoamerican reef.


The entrance to the aquarium is FREE every day, from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 pm, so that they can enjoy, interact and appreciate the different corals, sea urchins, mollusks, crustaceans and other fish that inhabit the northern zone.












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