Wednesday, 21 February 2024 02:56

El Salvador hosts SUMMIC 2024: FEPCMAC and SISTEMA FEDECRÉDITO alliance

Written by Karla Gutiérrez

As part of an alliance that crosses borders, the Federación Peruana de Cajas Municipales de Ahorro y Crédito (FEPCMAC), and SISTEMA FEDECRÉDITO are organizing the second edition of the Microfinance Summit for Latin America and the Caribbean, SUMMIC 2024, in the city of San Salvador, under the theme "Reinventing Financial Inclusion in pursuit of a greater goal", with the purpose of exploring and addressing crucial challenges in the current microfinance landscape.

The summit will take place from august 21-23, 2024 at the Hilton Hotel in San Salvador and is a space for dialogue and reflection on the challenges and opportunities facing microfinance institutions in the region today.

SUMMIC brings together financial leaders from Latin America and the Caribbean to address critical issues in the current context, including cybersecurity and product development, user experience and risk management, regulatory environment and corporate governance, as well as gender and green finance.

"As SISTEMA FEDECRÉDITO we are honored to be the co-organizers of such an important event that will bring together hundreds of financial leaders from different countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, where topics of great interest for microfinance will be addressed. There is no doubt that this will be an unprecedented event in our country, and we are proud to be part of it", said Mr. Macario Armando Rosales Rosa, President and CEO of FEDECRÉDITO.

The importance of these issues is intensified in the post-pandemic context and in the aftermath of significant natural phenomena, as microfinance companies face the challenge of operating in an economy that demands innovation. This new environment highlights the need to implement more robust security measures and risk control systems.

This event marks the first international edition of the summit, following the successful SUMMIC Lima 2023. The summit consolidates its position as an international benchmark to promote best practices and innovative solutions in the microfinance field.

Jorge Solis, president of FEPCMAC commented that: "SUMMIC El Salvador 2024 represents a unique opportunity to strengthen regional collaboration and jointly address current challenges by fostering the exchange of knowledge and best practices among industry leaders, thus contributing to the strengthening and adaptability of the microfinance sector".


Translated by: A.M