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Panama and El Salvador took a very important step for trade relations by formalizing the Cámara Panameña Salvadoreña de Comercio (Campasalco), an entity that will aim to boost investment and bilateral trade.

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The Embassy of El Salvador in Panama promoted the country's participation in the fortieth edition of the Expocomer 2024 Fair, together with the Agency for the Agencia de Promoción de Exportaciones y Atracción de Inversiones de El Salvador (INVEST), which takes place at the Convention Center of Panama, from march 3 to 7.

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The Superintendencia del Sistema Financiero (SSFD), reported in its social networks that for the month of october an inter-annual increase of 23.95% was registered.


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Thursday, 16 November 2023 23:06

Crisis in Panama could affect salvadoran imports

Due to the social crisis in Panama, members of the industrial sectors of that country have seen their exports limited, as reported by the international media, which indicate that due to the closing of portfolios their merchandise cannot go to the rest of Central America.

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The successful convenience store chain will invest a total of US$5.5 million this year 2023 for the expansion of branches in El Salvador and Panama.

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Although the recovery process in 2021 has been widespread, it has occurred at different speeds in the region, according to the most recent IDB Group Activity Report "On the Road to an Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Recovery".

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The Superintendencia del Sistema Financiero (SSF), announced through its twitter account that the Integrated Stock Exchange between El Salvador and Panama reached as of october 2021, an inter-annual growth of 40.7% as of october 2021.

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