Thursday, 23 November 2023 05:23

Salvadoran economy could grow 8% according to UCA

Written by Miguel Crespin

Members of the Economics Department of the Universidad Centroamericana (UCA) presented the results of a study they conducted on the reality of the salvadoran economy and its future forecasts.

In the report they emphasized that it is necessary to initiate a change from a market economic model to one of care societies where the work of people in the health area, most of whom are women, is better recognized. If the right investment is made, the Salvadoran economy could grow by 8% in the next 3 decades.

And to achieve this goal, 3 objectives were set to be met by 2050:

The window of population surplus: The country is heading towards a time when the number of people able to exercise a job will be high, so it is necessary to prepare plans to take advantage of it, since according to forecasts this window of population growth will close in 2050, when the population begins to decrease.

Investment in health: The country should invest around US$1.8 billion dollars in the area of care to keep the workforce healthy, this will help economic growth in the future of 8%, thanks to the strength that the workers of the future would have.

Integration of water into the economic model: Water resources must have a sustainability policy since various sectors such as agriculture, the hotel sector, the meat sector, among others, have an impact on its use and care.


Translated by: A.M