Saturday, 13 May 2023 05:40

Ministerio de Vivienda delivers 4 houses to veterans and former combatants

Written by Evelyn Alas

The Ministerio de Vivienda continues delivering houses to veterans and ex-combatants nationwide together with the president of the Instituto Administrador de los Beneficios de Veteranos y Excombatientes (INAVBE), Juan Alberto Ortiz.

A total of four houses were delivered to veterans and former combatants. Juan Lobato, one of the beneficiaries, waited for more than 15 years for his home, today, that dream is coming true to improve the quality of life of his family.


The houses have a modern design, ceramic tile floor, bathroom and separate shower, window boxes, french windows and balcony doors have been built in different places, benefiting this sector that was abandoned by previous governments.

He reiterated that these are the results of the coordinated work between the Housing System and INABVE, which requires a great team that follows up on each case, until the houses with modern design are finished.


The Housing System has benefited 46,616 families with a social investment of US$657.4 million in: credits, deeds, improvement or construction of housing and resettlement.


The official reiterated that the delivery of decent housing to veterans and former combatants is to transform the conditions in which they have lived for years, thus settling another debt with this sector.

This is a promise that the Central Government has continued to fulfill to benefit this sector.


Translated by: A.M