Monday, 07 August 2023 03:25

Essential tips to enjoy your summer vacations

Written by Evelyn Alas

1- Don't leave for tomorrow what you can do today: Prepare your luggage many days in advance. When packing your suitcase, take into account the days you will be traveling, the weather and organize your outfits before packing them, this will prevent you from forgetting something or taking extra things.

A great tip for whenever you travel is to pack a formal outfit, bathing suit, sandals and a jacket, no matter the destination; you never know when you might need them.

2. Plan your activities: The best way to save money, take advantage of the time and enjoy the trip is planning; from the places where you will eat to the tours you want to do. A great tip is to ask for advice at the hotel where you will be staying; they are experts and can give you the best recommendations for cheap restaurants that are perfect for your budget.

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3-Scan your documents

Especially if you plan to visit another country, it is always important to have a copy of your documents: passport, ID, driver's license and even your boarding passes. Of course, losing any of them is a real headache, but having them saved in your mobile devices can help you avoid and minimize the problem.

4- Memory sticks and chargers

Carry several flash drives for your camera and a couple of chargers for your smartphone. Use them intermittently to prevent any damage or failure.

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5-Save your phone battery

When traveling, it is essential to take your smartphone with you, whether to keep in touch, capture the best moments or look for information about the place. For the same reason, the battery is a very important aspect. When you are not using it, or at night, keep it in airplane mode, especially if you know that your phone discharges very quickly.


Translated by: A.M