Thursday, 18 January 2024 05:16

What is a startup? And how many are there in El Salvador?

Written by Denis Muñoz

A startup is an emerging company that focuses on innovation and technology to create a scalable and disruptive business model.

Most startups are based on social networks and the internet, since technology is what allows these companies to grow very fast in the initial phases with relatively low costs.

Impact Hub reported that 1,200 startups have been created by 2023, ranging from their idea, development, creation, strengthening and scalability.


This new business idea in El Salvador, has become the option of many entrepreneurs who see in the network an opportunity to expand their businesses and innovative ideas.

Creating a Startup is relatively easy, starting from a business idea and taking it to digital platforms either through Apps and online marketing.

One of the advantages of creating a Startup is that it is not necessary to have a certain legal form to start with the venture and can be created from home, you only need internet connection and a device that allows the distribution of information online.


Startups compete in a fickle market with big and not so big brands, that is why when creating one is to take into account the high level of risk of entering a fairly saturated market, which is why the best tool for a Startup is innovation and creativity.


Translated by: A.M