Thursday, 16 February 2023 02:24

The amount of the february 2022-2023 accounts increased US$353 million

Written by Evelyn Alas

The Superintendencia del Sistema Financiero (SSF), informs that the amount of savings accounts in the banking sector presented an interannual increase of US$353.6 million as of february 10, allowing the availability of financing for investment in the country.

Likewise, loans in the banking sector showed an inter-annual increase of US$1,686.3 million as of the same date, evidencing the access to financing for the population.


According to the Superintendency, this demonstrates the confidence of salvadoran users in the country's banking sector, which shows an increase of US$1,126.7 million in the amount of deposits made as of the 10th of this month, 2023.

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Accounts with simplified requirements reached 215,128 as of january 2023. This inclusive product provides the population with the means to save and securely manage their money.

The simplified accounts are for use through electronic or digital channels or through ATMs, and can even be used through a debit card. The account may also be used through agencies when required by the client.

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The entity must generate the conditions for the use of digital channels or media, withdrawal of money through electronic channels or ATMs.

As of january 2023, the Stock Exchange presented an inter-annual variation of US$3.44 million in the amounts traded in the secondary market, this reflects the contribution of liquidity to the financial markets and the benefit it represents for investors.


Translated by: A.M