Saturday, 11 November 2023 01:13

Investment funds in the country increase 72.81%.

Written by Miguel Crespin

The Superintendencia del Sistema Financiero released a report on the current status of the country's investment funds for the month of october, which shows an increase of 72.81% of interannual growth in their assets.



In october 2022 the investment funds had only reached a total of US$470 million; while in 2023 during the same period they have reached US$812.85 million, which represents a total growth of US$342.47 million.

Investment funds are mechanisms for raising or collective management of sums of money or other assets that are integrated with the contribution of a plural number of persons that can be determined once the Fund enters into operation and the resources are managed collectively by a management company, to obtain economic results that are also collective.

"Investment Funds have become an attractive instrument to invest in the country", published the regulatory entity in its social networks, this in the framework of the positive news that have been generated nationally and internationally, about the salvadoran economy that is expected to grow 4% according to the US bank J.P Morgan and 2.8% according to the World Bank.



Translated by: A.M