Wednesday, 22 November 2023 14:36

Central American authorities want to lower freight transport prices

Written by Miguel Crespin

Authorities from different Central American countries have launched the Regional Master Plan for Mobility and Logistics with which they hope to lower the cost of transporting goods in the region, through the improvement of land, air and sea connections.

The minister of Public Works presented the Regional Mobility and Logistics Master Plan 2035, which has been developed in conjunction with the Secretaría de Integración Económica Centroamericana (SIECA) and was approved by 18 government ministries from the 6 countries of the region.

The objective, according to the authorities, is to reduce the transport cost of US$0.17 per ton-kilometer charged in the region according to the World Bank, which is higher than the US$0.10 charged in some regions of Africa for the same weight of goods.


This plan has several objectives, the first is to develop a robust, competitive and safe regional intermodal transport system; the second is to form a transport and logistics network that contributes to territorial development, economic productivity and regional integration; and the third is to increase the efficiency and quality of transport", explained Rodríguez.

The minister pointed out that the plan has an investment of $52.4 billion and that in the case of El Salvador it incorporates projects that are already being worked on, such as the expansion of the port of Acajutla, improvements at border points, the Francisco Morazán viaduct, the construction of a bridge on the La Hachadura border, among others.


Translated by: A.M