Tuesday, 19 March 2024 01:05

CMI advances in decarbonization of its operations and obtains certification for ALIANSA plant

Written by Coralia Cuéllar/Karla Gutiérrez
CMI advances in decarbonization of its operations and obtains certification for ALIANSA plant Coralia Cuéllar / Photographer

As part of the commitment that Corporación Multi Inversiones (CMI) has with sustainability and the environment, it has obtained a new carbon neutral certification in El Salvador; this time for its animal feed plant, where Aliansa concentrates are produced.

This marks an important milestone for the corporation in its efforts to decarbonize various operations throughout the region.


The carbon neutral certification is the result of a comprehensive approach to avoid greenhouse gas emissions in all phases of the plant's production. To achieve this, a series of measures have been implemented to mitigate and offset the carbon footprint.


"At CMI we are proud of this new carbon neutral certification, which demonstrates how our sustainability strategy is integrated into our business to promote the well-being of our people, the communities where we operate and the planet. We want our customers not only to receive the best products, but also to have the peace of mind that they are backed by a responsible and planet-conscious company", said Gabriel Eisemberg, CEO of B4B CMI Alimentos.


Thanks to these efforts, this plant has avoided 5,287 tons of CO2e, which is equivalent to planting 8,741 trees, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


This is CMI's second operation in El Salvador to be certified carbon neutral. In 2020, its flour mill became the first plant in the country's food sector to be certified carbon neutral. At the regional level, the corporation has two other certifications of this type and plans to continue with these actions.


Promoters of sustainable development

To obtain carbon neutral certification, a rigorous planning and implementation process was carried out, supported by the commitment and collaboration of the corporation's leaders and multidisciplinary teams. We conducted training, information gathering to implement actions focused on CO2 reduction, audits, and offsets. These actions included the adoption of renewable energy through the installation of solar panels, improvements in production processes to optimize energy use, and the acquisition of efficient technologies.


"It fills us with joy to see the fruit of efforts that have begun with the dream of preserving our planet for this and future generations. As a company with purpose, we will continue to promote food security with a sustainable vision, to generate positive impact on people, families, and communities", said Fátima Pereira, Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability CMI Alimentos.


Other achievements of CMI Alimentos in sustainability have been the avoidance of more than 366,000 tons of CO2 at the regional level in the last 8 years, thanks to the use of nutrients that reduce greenhouse gases in poultry farms and poultry concentrates.


They promote the circular economy by promoting recycling and waste management. In 2023 they exported more than 150 tons of vegetable oil waste from Pollo Campero and Don Pollo for the generation of biodiesel.


They also promote entrepreneurship and development of their value chain with training centers such as Cocreo.

CMI, faithful to its REIR values (Responsibility, Excellence, Integrity, and Respect), continues to develop projects that contribute to the environment and the well-being of future generations.



Translated by: A.M