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To know the perception of salvadoran entrepreneurs, the Observatorio MYPE through a survey asked what the main motivation for entrepreneurship was, to which 29% of salvadoran micro-entrepreneurs responded: the business is a family inheritance and another 28% the lack of employment.

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The U.S. Embassy in El Salvador is providing different job opportunities with fair and equal treatment in employment to all persons without distinction of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status or sexual orientation.

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Thursday, 18 January 2024 05:06

The global economy transformed by AI

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) the rapid advance of artificial intelligence (AI) has captivated the world's attention, causing excitement and alarm and raising important questions about the potential impact on the global economy.

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This morning a meeting was held between businessmen, authorities of the Ministry of Labor and workers of the " “Programa Oportunidades" " in which they expressed their experience.

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Las Vegas Steak House Restaurant, inaugurated the second restaurant in El Salvador, located at km 19, El Boquerón highway, Santa Tecla, La Libertad, the national Luis Martínez, has built after having achieved the "American Dream" by owning 6 restaurants in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

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The Ministry of Labor continues to support salvadorans in their search to find a job, with the Oportunidades platform that reduces the gap between companies and job seekers, providing an intermediation service for the benefit of those who need it most.


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The increase in formal employment is among the most outstanding achievements. Data from the Instituto Salvadoreño del Seguro Social (ISSS) indicate that there are 962,575 workers registered on the payroll. This number had not been observed before and shows how the employer sector is interested in betting on the country.

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The Ministerio de Trabajo y Previsión Social, will manage in the coming days new options and formal employment opportunities for more salvadorans, who for various reasons are not working since the beginning of this year.

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According to an analysis prepared by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), despite the potential for employment generation, infrastructure subsectors present a significant gap in terms of labor Sistema de Información de Mercados Laborales y Protección Social (SIMS).

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The Instituto Salvadoreño del Seguro Social (ISSS) indicated in its october report that "as of september 2022, 79,160 new workers have been enrolled". These are people who join the formal market for the first time and begin to contribute to social security.

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