Through an international tender, the government of the Dominican Republic will leave it to the discretion of the telephone operators to use the 5G technology of Huawei or other companies.

The "Good Design Award" is a prestigious Japanese award that recognizes innovative designs, capable of enriching people's lives.

HUAWEI inaugurated CONNECT 2020 in Shanghai, the most outstanding event organized annually by Huawei for the ICT sector worldwide. It also serves as a platform to announce the main strategies of the company.

The 2020 has been an atypical year for sales, due to the health crisis by the Covid-19 traditional purchases suffered a sharp fall, so the commercial market migrates to digital with the evolution of market patterns in the world. El Salvador was not the exception, and companies with a 360º vision are the ones that will be able to innovate like Aeromall.

Acer and Intel are once again inviting Valorant lovers from Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala, this time for the third edition of the "Predator Stay Home Challenge". The tournament has become a great option for gamers in these confined times. Registration is now open and will run until September 24th.