Tuesday, 20 February 2024 02:50

Legislative scrutiny positions Nuevas Ideas as the largest political force in El Salvador

Written by Denis Muñoz

The Tribunal Supremo Electoral de El Salvador (TSE) has finished with the scrutiny of the Legislative Assembly, positioning the Nuevas Ideas Party as the largest political force in El Salvador in this State body with 54 seats won out of 60.

Through its website, the TSE enabled the platform, where it is possible to consult the scrutiny of 100% of the votes of the last elections of february 4, with the official results of the elections of the Legislative Assembly, including the vote from abroad.

Of the 60 seats available in the Legislative Assembly, the distribution will be as follows: 54 representations for Nuevas Ideas, 2 for ARENA, 1 for PDC, 2 for PCN and 1 for Partido VAMOS.


Regarding the departmental distribution of the deputies, of the 16 seats representing San Salvador, 14 are for Nuevas Ideas, 1 for VAMOS and 1 for ARENA.

In La Libertad 6 seats are for Nuevas Ideas and 1 for ARENA, in Santa Ana the 5 seats available were for Nuevas Ideas and in San Miguel 4 seats are for Nuevas Ideas and 1 for PDC.

Nuevas Ideas won all the available seats in Usulután with 4 deputies, La Paz with 3 and Sonsonate with 5, as well as in Morazán, Cabañas, San Vicente, La Unión and Cuscatlán with 2 deputies in each department respectively.


In Chalatenango PCN won one seat as well as Nuevas Ideas and in Ahuachapán PCN won one seat, while Nuevas Ideas won 2.


Translated by: A.M