Wednesday, 14 February 2024 04:05

Ministry of Labor bets on women's work

Written by Denis Muñoz

The Ministry of Labor of El Salvador is developing the Single Mothers Program, which consists of placing women who have to be mothers and fathers at the same time in jobs.

According to World Bank reports, it is estimated that if the female labor participation rate were the same as that of men, the world's GDP could increase by up to 20%.

The women involved in this important program guarantee the feeding, education and total development of their children, through different tasks in which they not only contribute to their family economy, but also to the national economy.


Women's participation in the labor force has effects at the macroeconomic level, by increasing the available human potential and contributing to the country's economic growth, and at the microeconomic level, as it generates direct income for their own and their family's well-being.


 The program has been a success thanks to the support of hundreds of companies that bet on the work of Salvadoran women and their capacity to develop the salvadoran economy.


Translated by: A.M