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This beautiful place has a large facility to eat something delicious in front of the sea in Sambo Creek, a place that is integrated with the garifuna community. In addition, it has its specialty of fresh seafood, meats, spicy chili of the house, strong drinks, gifiti and good atmosphere and quality service.


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According to the Instituto Salvadoreño de Turismo (ISTU), thousands of national and foreign tourists crowded the recreational parks, the historic center of San Salvador and the different beaches of the country.

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Committed to being a sustainable bank that has a positive impact on the community, Banco Promerica, through its volunteer program Promerican Heroes, developed a beach cleanup campaign as part of the Promerica Regional Volunteer Day, which was held on october 22.

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Hotel Royal Decameron Salinitas, offers you a stay in concept to spend the best vacations and receive the new year 2022. Enjoy your time of rest in the hotel and the destination you like the most, the resort team makes your stay a memorable experience providing you with service, entertainment and fun.

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